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The facts and nothing but the facts, as I observed them

1.  Is that supposed to be EDIBLE?

In Ireland, water boils at a temperature approximately 6 times that of the United States.  Ergo, extreme caution and patience are to be exercised when trying to drink tea, have soup, or put anything in your mouth that was prepared by a native.

2.  Thanks, and come again (when I'm dead)

Although there were one or two examples to the contrary, it is very self evident that in general all people in customer service jobs in Spain and Italy hate people and their line of work.

3.  Say no to ice milk

European McDonalds features actual genuinely good soft serve ice cream, not the crystally gross stuff you get in the US.

4.  It may be a stereotype, but...

The laws of Supply-and-Demand seem to hold true for antiperspirant in Spain and Italy, as I have not been able to find it anywhere (lucky for me and those around me I stocked up before leaving).

5.  The capro

Is that guy just wearing long shorts?  No way, those are capris all right, and they're all the rage with European men.

6.  Business in front, party in the back

The mullet is alive and well in Europe, and its social standing here doesn't seem to be anything near what it is in the US.

7.  Move over, Wal-Mart

In Europe, The United Colors of Benetton stores are everywhere!  Even in Riva del Garda, the little lake town, there were two.  Further, they advertise a "Men's section," but I have yet to see proof that any such thing exists, although my investigations have not been extensive.

8.  German Sausage

In Italy, hot dogs are a perfectly legitimate pizza topping.

9.  Graffiti

What I have seen of Europe is more graffiti-stricken than anywhere I've seen back home.  They tend to avoid the famous and classic buildings, but as pretty much all the buildings are old and amazing, it's still quite unfortunate (not that I find graffiti particularly charming on the sides of bridges or subway cars, either).